The Organisers

About The Organisers

PCLI is the result of a God given vision to Tinuola Agbabiaka  – a lawyer by training and a certified relationship counsellor – over eight years ago which has manifested as an NGO whose core vision is to encourage great and wholesome relationships mainly in the home and ultimately in the public arena.

PCLI believes that the vision of a happy, fulfilled and amiable society worldwide can be achieved by focusing on the home. The family home is the smallest unit in the society and it is where character, attitudes and behaviour are formed and PCLI’s vision is to help in building loving and fulfilling homes which ultimately leads to a better society.

Relationships are the bedrock of societies and if we can to the best extent possible maintain good relationships with each other, societies all over the world will be better off for it. The home is the building block for these relationships and PCLI’s core vision is to facilitate the building of great relationships in the home before any other place.

The idea behind Family Awards

Every society has recognised people who have gone beyond the call of duty and have given more than is expected of them. These people tend to be in positions of public service – the fireman, the policeman, the soldier, the civil servant, the teacher, the statesman, the freedom fighter, environmental activist, the diplomat – and sometimes members of the public who exceed expectations .
Society calls them heroes and we rightly celebrate them, however; the people who inspire and affect us most positively are often overlooked and uncelebrated. And more often than not, they are family members and those we meet on daily basis in our places of work or in our neighbourhoods. We often take them for granted because we see them and relate with them on a daily basis. As the saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt” ; we usually celebrate “real-world heroes” whilst our family members and loved ones are often the unsung heroes.
We tend to complain a lot about our Family members – spouses, children, parents and even siblings. Unfortunately, people wait until it is too late to talk about the good deeds of loved ones and family members – we celebrate them at funerals! We forget that it all starts and ends with the family.
Family Awards is a forum where we can blow the trumpet for these often overlooked heroes and celebrate the uncelebrated.
It’s high time we celebrated family( our everyday heroes) – the untiring and devoted mothers, the protective and inspirational fathers, the loving and selfless wives, the supportive husbands, the inspiring couples, those who have shown us uncommon love and support in our day-to-day lives; whether it be at work, home or at our places of worship.
It’s time we appreciate our families, acknowledge the good in others, encourage people to do more good, thereby in our own little way, uniting the world.