Award Category and Nomination Page

 Lapidoth Award

The Lapidoth Award recognizes a husband who is encouraging and supportive of his wife’s chosen career/path, thereby allowing her to flourish and achieve her fullest potential. He must be nominated by his wife and/or children.

 Best Couple in the Community

The Best Couple in the Community Award recognizes couples that have gone above and beyond by helping out not only their immediate families and friends, but also devoting their time, energy, and resources to assisting the community at large. Nominations can be made by anyone for this category

 Most Selfless Spouse

Marriage requires compromise, but the Most Selfless Spouse Award seeks to honour the spouse who has consistently made sacrifices for his/her better half during difficult times (e.g., financial difficulty, health issues, etc.). Nominations must be made by his/her spouse.

Most Loving Spouse

True love is boundless, and the Most Loving Spouse inspires us all by demonstrating his/her love in ways that are unusual and worthy of emulation. Must be nominated by his/her spouse.

 Most Inspiring Sibling

Role models, best friends, and confidants—our siblings inspire us in so many ways. This award recognizes the sibling who has served as a role model for the rest of his/her family and reminds us all to reach for greatness. S/he must be nominated by a sibling

 Best Parent(s) in the World

Our parents are our heroes. Though no award can truly capture what it means to be a parent, this award seeks to honour a father or mother who has raised godly child(ren) who are thriving and making a positive impact in the world.

 Proverbs 31 Woman

For the woman who has been able to balance her career/ministry, wifely duties, and parenting, all without allowing one to interfere with another, this award serves as but a small token of our collective appreciation. Nomination must be submitted by the husband and/or children.

 Ruth Award

Adapting to a new culture and lifestyle can be difficult. The Ruth Award celebrates the woman who has married inter-tribally and has successfully integrated herself into her husband’s family. She must be nominated by the husband or in-laws.

 Best Couple in Ministry

Our highest purpose is to serve God. This award recognizes a couple that is actively involved in Ministry and is jointly impacting the world positively.

 The Hottest Couple

This award goes to the couple that exudes great style and fashion sense while still maintaining an unwavering focus on Heaven. The Hottest Couple inspires us to enjoy life to the fullest while never forgetting why we are here


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